Anisha Vidal-Garner

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Anisha Vidal-Garner, from Epping, died after being hit by a car

The son of a barrister who killed a woman in a hit-and-run crash during a police chase, throwing her in the air “like a rag doll”, has been jailed.

Quincy Anyiam hit Anisha Vidal-Garner on Brixton Hill, London, after accelerating away from officers after they signalled for him to stop.

Anyiam, 27 from Surrey, kept driving after striking Ms Vidal-Garner, 20, after she got off a bus in February.

The student was pronounced dead at the scene, the Old Bailey heard.

Anyiam handed himself into police – but not until two days after the crash, at about 21:45 GMT on 19 February.

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Police had signalled for the car to stop before it sped off in Brixton

Ms Vidal-Garner was crossing the road with her boyfriend and friend as Anyiam’s black Mercedes hit her, the court heard.

Prior to the collision, Anyiam had been skipping traffic lights, speeding and at times driving on the wrong side of the road, jurors were told.

He kept driving after the crash before abandoned his damaged car.

Mandy Garner, mother of philosophy and Spanish undergraduate Ms Vidal-Garner, said she “adored her daughter and would miss her forever.”

“Every day I wake up hoping it has not happened and have to relive that initial feeling of shock and devastation,” she said.

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Anisha suffered multiple injuries, proving fatal

“Just seeing her face and hearing her voice made the world a better place.”

Anyiam pleaded guilty in March to causing death by dangerous driving, failing to stop and dangerous driving.

‘Spinning high in the air’

As she sentenced him earlier the judge, Wendy Joseph QC, said: “The road would have seemed clear to Anisha and she should have been quite safe from any vehicle travelling within the speed limit of 30mph.

“She crossed the southbound lanes and was moving into the northbound carriageway when she was alerted to a black Mercedes C250 travelling north towards her.

“She moved back into the southbound carriageway where she should have been safe but the car swerved across the middle of the road, into the southbound carriageway and struck her.

“She was catapulted, spinning high up into the air like, as one member of the public said, a rag doll… she had suffered multiple injuries and died at the roadside.”

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